55 Entertaining Tumble Pursuits to get People

55 Fun Fall Activities For Families

Colorado in October is one of the most beautiful times of year. There are so many festivals, outdoor events, and picturesque destinations to visit. Fall means harvest season, and it brings out the best in our area farms.

We loved how they catered the corn maze to the children by having clues to solve. This is a fun Fall adventure and we highly recommend the apple cider donuts. Cross E Ranch’s Fall Festival will run from September 17-October 30, 2021. This time of the year is often about readjusting schedules. Kids are back in school, college classes have started back up.

For beginners who want to know what’s going on up there, it can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not fully clued up on your astrology. It can take up to 40 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the darkness, so give yourself some time (and don’t look at your phone!). If you’re hosting Thanksgiving meal, let you kids make a tablecloth (at least for the kids’ table). Roll out a large sheet of paper and let them use leaves to paint.

There is a corn maze with corn fairies to search for which entertains the kids for hours. There are big slides, tractor rides, animals to see, and a separate area for smaller kids. We had a great time playing here and we love cutting our own pumpkins!

What are your favorite Northern Virginia fall activities and destinations? There is no better time to visit Alexandria, Virginia than in the fall when colorful foliage emerges. The city’s historic streets come alive with outdoor art festivals, creative events, Halloween haunts, and riverside races.

The view from Bluemont Winery stretches out across the Piedmont, with spots of bright color at peak season. Alternatively, the backyard at Doukenie Winery looks up into the Shenandoah foothills. All of the wineries on our list offer lovely spots to relax and enjoy the foliage. Clas Ropes hosts a unique Halloween Cruise in October where they pull you up and down the Provo River. There are hundreds of jack-o-lanterns and lights reflecting on the water, a pirate attack, and spooky stories.

It’s a really exciting time to cheer your home team on. If you’re not close to a pro team, find a local college or high school team to support. Or attend a weekend game for a friend or neighbor’s kid. No matter what the age, it’ll be a great way to spend some time outside supporting local athletics.

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